Teacup Alchemy courses are an affordable introduction to artful, informed home herbalism. Learn recipes, explore herbal profiles, and master the herbalism theory you need to apply herbs skillfully for daily wellness. Designed by herbalist and author Agatha Noveille.

Time-Honored Traditions

Herbalism includes many beautiful, complex practices and traditions that stretch through time and around the world. It encompasses modern science and the art of self-care.

Connection and Community

Herbalism is also a timely, vital way to re-connect with nature and ourselves. We can learn so much about wholeness, resilience, and community by studying plants.

Accessible and Affordable

With Teacup Alchemy, learning herbalism is accessible, affordable, and fun! Each course includes short, focused lectures with downloadable course notes. Learn herbal history and theory alongside recipes and tutorials.

Meet Your Instructor

Agatha has been studying and applying herbalism in her life for the last 15 years, with a background in TCM and traditional Western herbalism. You may know Agatha from the Teacup Alchemy podcast and blog or from The Independent Herbalist. Her herbal recipe book, The Complete Guide to Adaptogens, was published in 2018.